Air Coolers VS Air Conditioning Systems: Pros and Cons

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Summer is approaching fast and a lot of people thought that maybe iced beverages and desserts after meals will suffice beating the heat. If you can’t stand the heat and the fact that it goes on and on every day, then maybe it’s time for you to get a permanent solution: an air conditioning unit. A lot of people may get confused between an air cooler and air conditioning system. Some company or salesmen may even advertise that air cooler is as useful and functional as an air conditioning system or even say that an air cooler is much better. Check out AC Repair for any air conditioning:
On this article, we will tackle the differences between an air cooler and air conditioning system, their efficiency, energy consumption, among other things, to determine which among the two can better help us survive the summer heat.

If you want to stay cool and at the same time get something that will fit your budget, then air cooler is for you. No, it is not true when advertisements say that they work just like an air conditioning system. They do not work the same and they have a different structure or way of cooling air. You can say that an air cooler is much more like a fan with ice behind it. The energy consumption is not far from a fan as well. An air cooler can’t decrease the room temperature as low as how an air conditioning system would. In fact, unlike an air conditioning system, the coldness of the wind stays in one direction compared to an air conditioning system that cools the whole room and keeps the cold air circulating inside the room.

Air coolers do not need a specific calculation for you to find out how many BTU/hr or horse powers you need to completely cool down your room so it is going to be rather difficult to know their energy-efficiency level. Moreover, some homeowners who are unaware that air coolers are very different from an air conditioning unit get surprise when they find out about how it has to be refilled with water to release cool air. If you want the air to be a bit colder, then you would have to stack up on ice since you need to keep putting ice in the air cooler which can be a daunting task.

There are many disadvantages in using an air cooler. It simply is a fan that blows out air as if a bowl of ice is in front of it. An air conditioning unit is much better since it produces not only cool air but consistently cold air. Modern air conditioning unit may also have very useful features other than producing colder temperature. Nowadays, you will find air conditioning systems with advanced features such as humidifying, ionizing, eco-friendly features, and so much more.

Air conditioning units have very promising cooling effects as well since it can decrease the room temperature to at least 50% or more and you can find units that have power-saving features.

How to Choose the Right Contractor for Home Repairs

When you have to choose a contractor for some of the repairs work on your home, how will you tell the difference between a certified professional and a charlatan? Research and the right questions are what you’ll need to make this important decision.

When looking for contractors, you want to ask your friends for referrals, check online for customer review sites, get info from your local home hardware store and glance through the yellow pages. Call at least three potential contractors to interview and request quotes.

While you’re asking for quotations, give every contractor the same information so your comparison is consistent. How to Interview a Contractor When interviewing a potential contractor, it’s important to ask these questions:

  1. Are you licensed in this city/state?

If your potential contractor has a license, get the number and call your local building department’s licensing office to validate it. Also, contact your Better Business Bureau and state Consumer Protection Agency to find out what’s required to obtain a license in your state.

  1. Can you provide me with 3 references from jobs done in the last year?

Use references to check your contractor’s work history, reliability and ability to stay on budget and schedule. Don’t be afraid to quiz the references on the specifics of the work they had done and to what level they were satisfied with the work. If there were problems of significance, that is what you want to unearth.

  1. What insurance do you have?

Contractors should come to you insured. They should have general liability, workman’s compensation, auto insurance, and property and personal liability. Ask for a copy of your contractor’s insurance because the last thing you want is legal and financial responsibility should an accident take place on your property.

  1. How experienced are you?

Find out how long your contractor has been in business. Anything over five years is usually a sign of a reliable, stable business. A work history less than this time period does not mean the person is not qualified or sufficiently experienced for the job. It simply means your risk might be a little higher.


  1. Do you have a portfolio?

Most contractors will have before and after photographs of their past work. Look through these to get an idea of the type of work your contractor does and his or her abilities.

With the above, I’m sure you would be able to make up your mind on the right contractor for your home repairs.

How to Repair Garage Opener the Right Way

Garage door

Are you currently having problems with your garage door opener? Most people that have this problem are often experiencing nothing more than depleted batteries. It’s easy enough to open up the back, replace the batteries, and it should be able to open and close the garage door once again, but sometimes it’s not that simple. Additionally, the garage door opener is not limited to the remote that most people use. By pressing the button that is typically by the garage door leading into the house, this button can also become faulty, and will require repairs. This article will address how to repair garage opener the right way so that you can quickly have full access to your garage door once again.


Common Problems with Garage Door Openers


Once you have determined whether or not it is the garage door opener remote control, or if it is the button, you can proceed to fix either one. If it is the remote control, there are only two options that you have available. If replacing the batteries does not work, you must contact the manufacturer, or the garage door company that installed your garage to ask them to order a new one. However, this problem pales in comparison to a garage door opener proper, specifically the device that is responsible for opening and closing the door. Let’s look at how these are constructed, and how they work, and then go over some troubleshooting ideas.


What Is A Garage Door Opener?


This is a motorized device that is able to rotate a chain or belt that rotates clockwise and counterclockwise, allowing you to open and close your garage door. This must be mounted on the ceiling, preferably from the rafters, and only consists of two components. There is the electric motor housing, which is the power behind the device, which will plug into an outlet that is either their at the ceiling level, or you must have one installed. The other is the rail mechanism, that which contains the belt which will pull the garage door up, or drop it down. There are other components including the infrared sensors which are part of the mechanism, specifically the opening and closing of the door. There are sensors which are designed to look for objects, such as people or anything else that could be blocking the door from going all the way down. All of this works together to allow a remote control to open the garage door, or close it if necessary. It is also attached physically via wires to a button that when depressed, will open and close the door as well.


How to Fix the Garage Door Opener


Most of these units have adjustments on the side which you can manually turn in order to adjust the position of the door. If it is too far up or down, it will not operate properly, and only subtle changes in these adjustments will actually help resolve the problem. Typically there are knobs which can be turned to adjust the position, allowing you to put it in the right place. This will allow the door to move up the tracks via the rollers, and also allow the springs to be properly extended, when it is all the way up or back down at the ground level fully closed. The different units are made per the manufacturer’s specifications, which will allow you to make the right adjustments. Additional ways to fix the opener include lubricating the rail, checking the chain tension, replacing the gear assembly, or even replacing the circuit board. Many of these need to be accomplished by certified garage door repair companies so that they can be adjusted properly.


In conclusion, you now have a few ideas on how to repair garage opener the right way. These are just a few of the things that can go wrong with the garage door opener that can either be fixed to buy the average person, or they may require a professional. If you are having problems that are extensive, ones that you cannot fix on your own, a garage door experts abc is only a phone call away.

The Pay Scale

Why do people seem to always be focused on money? Sure, it is a “universal language”, and “money talks”, but it shouldn’t be our main focus.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying money can’t buy happiness. In fact, not having enough of it, can drastically lower a person’s happiness level. This is often do to the person having to compromise significantly on their quality of life. Maybe they can’t afford to get their broken tooth taken care of, and this brings them pain everyday. Maybe they can’t afford new floors. Maybe they can barely afford to eat. Maybe they can’t afford to live on their own, and end up quarreling with the people they live with everyday. One way or another, if this person isn’t bringing home enough bacon, they suffer. And their happiness levels decrease.

Statistics show that optimum happiness is reached at an average annual salary of about $70,000 dollars. Any more than that provides a negligible increase in happiness. You could make that much money replacing windshields. So what does this mean? Should minimum wage be increased to $35/hour to ensure everyone is happy? Of course not; that would increase the cost of living tremendously. What it means is that you should try to reach this goal somehow, whether through earnings or investments. This is enough money that you could easily take care of yourself and not have to worry about suffering due to monetary reasons.

Scale of happiness

Now, for the reason I bring this up. I am constantly asked how much money I make by house sitting for my clients. Have you googled it? You might be surprised by the average annual salary of a house sitter. The results came up at around $50k per year. Are you surprised? Now what if I told you that was just the average. Some of us professionals make quite a bit more than that. I will tell you that I am above the “happiness line”. I don’t suffer due to monetary reasons.

It was NOT easy getting to this point however. People have to trust you, and to build trust takes time. Time and references. References and time. I am in these peoples’ houses, day after day, all while they are gone. I am in their sole private place. This takes immense trust, and I am rewarded for it. You see, I have the ability to wreak havoc if I wanted. If I was a teenage girl, I could throw a house party and invite all of my friends and tear the place up and never get another house sitting job. That would be the end of my career. But luckily, I am not a teenage girl, so I still have a career. I could sell all of their possessions in their home, which is usually worth a sizable portion of money, all before they got back. And that would be the end of my career, and my life, because I would probably end up in jail.

Let me tell you, people who make a sizable amount of money, have usually earned it. We have put in the time, the dedication, and effort. We have waded through the setbacks and slow times. We have been there with no money, and suffered. It is all these trials that have made us who we are today. They were our “trials by fire”. They gave us an appreciation for what we have now. We don’t take these high paying jobs for granted, as we know the amount of work it takes to get them. We know what it means to fail, over and over again, and to get back up, over and over again. It isn’t easy. Please don’t think that I am saying that we are better than you. Understand that we have been in the same situations as you have. Understand that we now have wisdom, instead of knowledge, and we now have the scars to prove that we went through our own battles.

If you would like advice on how to become a house-sitter, well, I hope this article has helped you. If not, I am sorry, and you will have to just get out there and try it for yourself.

New floors? How about YES.

(That picture is not of the actual flooring in their house. I cannot post actual pictures due to privacy issues)

House sitting for a major client in Dallas while their floors get renovated by The Flooring Pro Guys. Seriously impressed by the quality and workmanship that is going into this house. The owner told me that they chose this company due to not only the high quality materials they use, but the installation craftsmen they employ are top notch. From what I have seen so far, I believe it.

This client is installing engineered wood floors, which I guess is just like a laminate or something similar. I am not a flooring expert. They chose an amazing texture and design though, I wouldn’t have known it wasn’t hardwood if they didn’t tell me. I guess the stuff may not be as durable as hardwood when we start talking about a hundred years down the road, but otherwise, it is just as durable and much more cost efficient. These guys are telling me that the maintenance on it is not nearly as hard either. It seems like a win-win situation. I guess if you have money to burn, or just don’t want to think about your floors being not hardwood all the time, then you should go for hardwood. It might have a slightly better sheen to it, kind of like when you buff a car or a pair of leather shoes over and over for years and they develop that deep rich shine. I think engineered wood floors are a winner.

Now, on to my review of The Flooring Pro Guys. Seemed like an odd brand name at first, but it has grown on me. Kind of rolls off the tongue. I highly recommend these guys. They were prompt and very courteous. Before they arrived in the morning, they gave me a call to let me know that they were on their way so that I would be ready for them. When they got here, they were very polite and pleasant while introducing themselves. They asked for permission to tour the house and make sure that their measurements were correct so that they could start the job. I think the owner had them walk through once before to get a quote on the flooring installation.


During the installation, they tried to minimize any inconveniences to me, while I tried to stay out of the way. Again, nothing but a good experience from these guys. Safety was their top priority, which I really appreciate from a company. I spoke to one of the craftsmen briefly about his job. He said he loved it, and the way that new floors can totally transform a house. I wholeheartedly agree. He also said that he has been doing this for years, so he has seen it all. Nothing really bothers him, not even nagging customers. His sincerity showed me why these guys are so highly recommended. They provide quite the pleasant experience.

I might just have to get my floors replaced soon…

Okay, I really do need to save up and budget for that expense, but I can dream, no? I will definitely be using The Flooring Pro Guys for my home. This whole experience was a perfect example of how contractors should treat their customers, and for that matter, their employees! It almost made me want to start a career in the flooring industry. I know there are companies like this one in every industry, it can just be hard to find them sometimes. It is a matter of asking around, trying out their services, and just getting out there.

I wish you could see these new floors. They shine brighter than the sun on a hot Texas day. The texture mimics hardwood. The colors give you that genuine feeling. I am still not sure if the owner actually ordered hardwood floors, or engineered wood floors. That is how great these floors look in this house. Its a combination of great materials, and great workmanship, that can really make a project beautiful, and as they say, the devil is in the details.

Common A/c Problems: AC Leaks as well as Exactly How to Repair Them

Finding a business that does A/C repair service McKinney TX doesn’t need to be also tough. There are close to a hundred different HVAC business in TX nevertheless. Although for some people, this frustrating number of business is what makes it tough to select.

Having big or tiny pools of water in your house that weren’t there initially is not a good sight to see. This can be concerning especially when the homeowner begins to check out to see where the water is originating from. It additionally stresses property owners to consider the expense of having the resource and likewise your house repaired.

Homeowners do experience or run into problems with their a/c ( Air Conditioner) units from time to time. These problems may be overheating, noisy units, and among one of the most typical issues which are leaks.

Leakages coming from the cooling device may be triggered by various issues in the A/C. This may be due to rustic coils or the pipelines are not functioning correctly.

Common Root Causes Of A/c Leaks

Drain Pipes Line Issues

This line or pipe is also known as the

condensate drain

. The drainpipe line is the part of the A/C that draws moisture from the air. It is where water or moisture from the air is drained.

Issues in the drain line that may create the unit to leakage include the following:

The drainpipe line is disconnected.
The drain line is blocked with sediments or dust.
The installer of the line to the unit is damaged or rusted.

Frying Pan and Pump Troubles

The pan and also pump of the Air Conditioner device are the components that collect water from the air that is gathered and pumped right into the drain line. If these two components are harmed, the device will certainly begin dripping water.

The leak is most likely to take place if the device lies in the cellar. This results from the problems in the basement where it is chilly and also most time moist.

There are 2 problems in the frying pan and also pump that may create the Air Conditioning unit to leak. These are:

The pan is old, hence making it simple to rust. This triggers the pan to have fractures and also openings.
The pump is worn as well as breaks down.

Coil troubles

The evaporator coil is likewise called the evaporator core. This is the part of the Air Conditioning device that takes in the warmth. So basically, this is where the chilly air originates from in the device.

Troubles from the coil may cause the device to leak. These troubles consist of a icy evaporator coil.

A icy coil might be due to a clogged up filter. The evaporator coil may also be frozen because of a leak on the refrigerant.

Easy Fixes

When the house owner recognizes the issue inside the AC unit, a lot of will certainly try to repair the issue on their own. Some easy solutions consist of the following:

Dripping Cooling agent

Including cooling agent option
Using a Freon leak repair package

Frozen Coil

Cleaning up the evaporator coil from particles and also dirt

Obstructed Condensate Drain line

Using wire to rid the pipe of debris, algae, as well as also mold and mildew
Cleaning the drain by putting about a cup of liquid chlorine bleach down the line

Some house owners likewise utilize leakage quit agents to address their dripping A/C trouble. A leakage quit agent is a mix of cleaning chemicals. It is said to seal tiny leakages inside the air conditioning systems.

Feasible Problems with Do It Yourself services

Many home owners wish to conserve money on repairs that they do simple fixes on their Air conditioner Problems. This is mostly for issues regarding a leaking a/c unit. Some might work however not all.

Doing Do It Yourself options might do more damage than excellent on the Air Conditioning devices. Some problems consist of:

Harming the System with Cleaning Solutions

Keep in mind that some parts of the Air Conditioner system are made from fragile materials such as steel, copper, and also plastic. Using solutions such as bleach might damage the coils.

Over-refilling the Refrigerant

Some property owners claim that refilling the cooling agent maintains it from dripping, however this is not useful in all. The cooling agent placed or filled up should remain in an exact quantity.

Putting insufficient may cause it to get too hot. Putting too much might damage not just the cooling agent but various other parts of the AC unit as well.

Health Problems

The chemicals being utilized to cleanse some A/C components are solid. If the home owner is not that knowledgeable on using the product, they may establish specific wellness conditions.

Keep in mind additionally that the chemical solution may respond to the products inside the device differently. It might corrosion, rust or cause some parts to break or develop cracks.

There are Air Conditioning leakage issues that can be dealt with by property owners by themselves, yet it is still best to call in the specialists. This is since they:

Have the right devices and skillset for the task
Have more knowledge/experience on just how to handle the problem
Offer a long-term service for the issue
Completely analyze as well as take a look at the unit for other problems

It is best to contact specialists to manage troubles even if they seem small. This is to prevent more problems and larger expenses as a result of problems.

Specialist Air Conditioner Fixing in McKinney TX

The mission to discovering the very best Air Conditioner repair near me ends below. Below, you’ll discover every little thing there is to find out about Air Conditioning emergency repair services. You’ll learn exactly how picking the best specialist for the job can save you time, power as well as cash.

If you watch for residence A/C repair work near me, check out the range of solutions an HEATING AND COOLING professional can supply. They need to be able to supply every little thing HVAC-related, including installations, fixings, upkeep, replacements, and also also overhauls. As specialists on the matter, they might likewise be able to advise excellent Air Conditioner brand names.


A/C repair service McKinney TX

, you require to do your study, and afterwards settle with one HEATING AND COOLING firm only. A lot of business will squash their previous warranty once they figure out that one more professional has actually helped your AC device fixing.

Taking care of several companies can indicate different service charge, transportation charges and also analysis fees. Managing only one business will certainly save you important energy and time. Getting multiple services from one company will certainly permit you to minimize expenses, especially if they’re running promotions as well as using discounts.

Some COOLING AND HEATING service providers additionally provide subscription options. Membership clubs can supply lower or waived charges, price cuts, solution and also consultation warranties, free services, priority services, as well as several various other benefits for a price. This is basically the insurance coverage that you’re getting service whenever you need it.

Emergencies can’t wait. Otherwise they will not be called emergencies. In milder periods, a damaged Air Conditioning may be a problem. In harsher periods, a busted Air Conditioner can trigger major pain and even health and wellness issues. For emergency AC repair, you need a company that’s close to residence.

If you find a great heating and Air Conditioning repair service company that’s based miles away, ask still. Even if they’re based someplace further, some firms have several smaller sized as well as nearer workplaces that can swiftly make their services when you need them one of the most. A excellent emergency A/C repair service firm needs to additionally provide 24-hour Air Conditioner repair service.

Currently, if you’re thinking about going DIY, don’t. Professional A/C professionals with years of experience have a far better opportunity of fixing whatever’s wrong with your A/C as well as heating device. These are certified technicians who are educated to offer risk-free and high quality fixing solutions. It will be more secure for you as well as your household to turn over technological repair services like these to the professionals.

Air Repair Service Pros is the leading selection for emergency situation HEATING AND COOLING services. They provide their professional services to consumers around TX. Call them now for a cost-free quote. All diagnostic fees will be waived if you pick them to manage your home A/C fixing problems. Their variety of services, their high level of skill and also professionalism and reliability, and also their reduced maintenance prices are what make them the best in Air Conditioning fixing McKinney TX.