Hello there!

This is Keri Johnson, coming straight to you via the World Wide Web!

So, you want to know exactly who is this Keri Johnson character of which I speak? Well, she is an outgoing, outrageous, yet reliable and fun, house sitter, aged 33 good long years.

I have come here to share the stories, and the thoughts, that come with taking care of people’s most private areas: their homes.

You see, I can spend days, weeks, months, in someone’s home, and they pay me to do it! It all comes down to what their needs are. Usually they want someone there to make sure no one breaks in, sometimes they have plants that need watered, or pets that need to be fed. I do it all. I will even clean the place for an extra charge.

This give me ample time to critique their homes and decide what I would like or dislike in my own home and what I want to change in my house. On this blog, I will expound on those thoughts, as well as walk you through the different options available and different routes to take. Have fun and take a look around! You never know what you might find.